Thursday, December 23, 2010

Who Would Have Thought?

After 5 years of being out of my mothers house I find myself moving back in!? Im sure some of you have your jaws dropped. It's only for a short stint! I have traded my desk, calculator and green mountain views in Vermont for a travel pack, visas, and a big bag of med's in search of adventure in South East Asia.

I am currently in my transition phase. I'm back to sharing a bedroom with my sister on Chester Court and substitute teaching at CCHS. I feel like I've taken a step backwards!

During my three weeks of being back at home I've been getting my life in order. I'm vaccinated, have travel health insurance, and almost have everything I need for the trip. I'm hoping I've been a good girl this year and Santa brings me a few essential items!

While I start to pack I cant help but think how funny it is that all my worldly possessions can be compacted into a medium sized pack. I've thought long and hard about what I really want to bring on this trip. There will be no make-up, hairdryer, or hair products- just simply a brush. As such, I made an appointment to make sure this mop I call hair will be managable. Off it went!

 There wont be five pairs of shoes, two closets worth of clothes and a box full of jewlery. I will have the sandals on my feet, very limited clothing and maybe a pair of earings.

My goal is to make my pack as light and empty as possible! For all of you that know me, you  know this will be my biggest challenge. However, during this Holiday Season, it's been refreshing to reconvene what my worldly possessions actually are. It's not a new north face, uggs, or an i pod. It's the basic essentials like bug spray, tums, and a towel..... who would have thought?

I hope you all are getting into the Christmas Spirit and enjoying family and friends wherever you are this December. Merry Christmas!