Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Head Bob

I talked with my mother last night and she said head boobs.. what are those? Laughing, I said head BOB's mom. Then she pictured Danny telling us about them the last time that he went to India. Well the are ever more prevalent in the South of India. So what exactly is a head bob? It's a slight movement of the head from right to left. It may be done once or a multiple of times. The Indian's use it for everything. You say hello and they head bob back. You ask a question they head bob back. Sometimes they're just head bobbing for no reason at all.

Well I have picked up on the trend. Danny will ask me a question and I respond with a head bob. At first we laughed, but now when I do it, he's like is that a yes or a no? I respond back with another head bob. It's great for indecision, which has become more and more prevalent in my life these days. 


  1. Hi Meg
    Great pictures!!! We are glad you and Dan arrived safely. If only we could rent a place on the beaches in Florida for $8.00 a day :) Looks like a beautiful place. Have fun and be safe.
    Marguerite & Bill

  2. Haha I like the head bob story. Your pics look awesome. I'm glad you guys are having fun... Keep posting!

  3. Hi meme your bed looks really hard to sleep on