Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Memorial Day in Vietnam

For me, Memorial Day Weekend is the kickoff of Summer back at home. The weather is finally nice, beach camps and Summer houses are opened, barbaques come out and the months of cold dreary Winter weather are easily forgotten. Memorial Day in Vietnam is just plain weird. It's not celebrated obviously, but we decided to have our own celebration. As many of you know, the weather is hotter here than it will ever get back home, we live on the beach so technically there is no "beach house" to open up, the only thing missing is our barbaque. We have been saying for months, "lets get a "barbie" as out kiwi friends like to call it. Well Memorial Day Weekend in Nam was the perfect excuse.

Dan, as amazing as he is, ventured into the markets found the "barbeque", coal, chicken, fish, veggies, and of course loads of beer. I topped it off with mom's famous potato salad, which I obviously didnt make as good as she does, but it hit the spot for everyone.  We might not be home celebrating, but we tried our best to celebrate here! Happy Memorial Day!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's Officially Official

It's not official in Vietnam unless there is a big red stamp (maybe two), ten signatures, finger prints and where appropriate a drip of blood. Well, all but the blood has been done. I've dotted my i's crossed my t's, now I just need my original diploma from College, a police report, and a medical check. All of course need to be notorized by the US embassy in Hanoi. With all that being said. I have officially taken a job in Da Nang, Vietnam with Olympus Pacific Gold Mining Company for 1 year.

Term's of my contract are to be kept a secrect and I've signed my life away so I dont want to disclose this secret information, but let's just say we are coming home from August 18- September 14 and 2 weeks at Christmas.  (SHHHHH please dont tell Granddad Cloutier, it's a surprise)

After a brief Indian Summer in America catching up with family, friends, and everything in between it will be a full new year spent back in Vietnam. The Vietnam we have yet to experience: extreme heat, rainy season, and Tet (the biggest party holiday in Nam). I'm sure that the year will bring many joys and many frustrations but we are very excited and feel very fortunate that we're able to spend a full year here and still come home and visit all of you!! With that being said, start planning your trips!! We have an open door policy and would really love to show you our life over here.