Thursday, January 6, 2011

We made it! Nothing says welcome to India better than knuckle deep nose picks, intense crotch grabs (excuse the vulgarity), snot rockets, head bobs and the passing of a little gas. All which are perfectly acceptable in India and are in abundance wherever you look. None the less we are here safe and sound.

After arriving in Doha, Qatar we took another flight to Mumbai. We waited in the airport for our final flight that would lead us to our final destination (for the time being) … the beaches of Benaulim, Goa. We are safe and sound and currently calling a beach hut are home. We have already met some friends, taken HOT showers, and enjoyed wonderful food. Hope you are all doing wonderful at home. Love from India


  1. Hi Meg! So glad you are safe and sound. we love and miss you. Have a blast and pass that gas. Love, Corissa

  2. haha, Meggles! These are the details I'm looking for, but will never get from Danny's blog :) Looks like you guys are having a fantastic time.

    We miss you both. Take care of each other!

    xo Whitney