Thursday, March 24, 2011

328 Cua Dai

Now that Mr. Vong is back (Ha's husband), I find myself in a difficult position. They are still feeding me my meals and I think I'm still expected to help at the restaurant. I really enjoy helping them, but 24/7 wasn’t what I signed up for, not that I signed up for anything at all.

Today at lunch, Mr. Vong came home with a 24" flat screen TV and said "for you"! So now I guess I know what my payment is. What a nice gesture, but the only thing is, I don’t watch TV, so the small little TV in my room before was perfect. And this new TV doesn’t have the right cables to make the picture clear. So technically I was just downgraded. Either way I graciously accepted and felt myself sinking deeper into their debt.

This afternoon, I found myself playing cards with Ha and her sister My. Usually the game is played for money so instead we said loser has to cook. Well well well, guess who was the loser. ME! So into the kitchen I went. Ha and My followed me in and showed me what to do and how to make dinner. Ha wanted me to cook all night. She obviously doesn’t know how bad I am, because none of her customers would come and eat at "328 Cua Dai" again.
Cooking up a storm....

My, Ha's sister in the kitchen

As we sat down to a semi delicious meal prepared by the one and only "Met" a tour director squashed our dreams of a quite night and told us 16 people were coming in at 7pm. What a busy night we had.

The restaurant

Thought you'd want to see some pictures of my home 328 Cua Dai. Enjoy and remember, you're always welcome for a visit!! I will try my hardest to get off work that night.

Ha in front of the stairs leading to my part of the house
my bathroom

my comfy bed

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  1. too funny, you can always use cooking skills. Love the pictures.