Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tidbits about Vietnam

Now that I'm settling in a new country, I'm starting to observe all these strange things around me. I've traded the beeping horns, barking stray dogs, trash, and lack of electricity for the exact opposite.

The beeping horns have now turned into semi 'quite' streets with loud speakers shouting government propaganda. I never know what they're saying, so god forbid something bad is actually happening I would hope someone would just fill me in. Even worse, maybe they're saying awful things about America as I parade around the streets. Let's hope note.

The barking stray dogs are nowhere to be found here. Can anyone guess why? Thats right! It's because they're scooped up and serve to you in your local restaurant. No sadly I'm not kidding. So in case you ever have a dog over here, make sure you put a collar on that thing! Otherwise bye bye!

India was full of trash, as I'm sure you all remember. On the contrary, as Vietnam is a Communist country, government is all over the trash situation. There is a singing, yes it plays music, garbage truck that seems to come everyday to pick up trash in front of my hotel. Who need's an alarm clock when you have a singing garbage truck?

As for electricity, it's everywhere. The power is always live and sizzling. On a rainy day you can hear the crackle and pops. I cringe every time I plug something into an outlet. I dont dare change a light blub! One time I made the mistake of touching the computer screen. Woops, big shock!

Overall, Vietnam is wonderful. Nothing like I thought it would be. Hoi An reminds me of a burlington (where I live in the US) on the other side of the world. It's full of restaurants, shops, etc. But instead of beautiful green mountains, it has the sandy white beaches! That's all of the tidbit's I can think of at the moment. I'll be sure to fill you in if anymore come to mind.

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  1. Your time frame still amazes me. It is still Wednesday 3/2 as I read this and you post Thursday 3/3. You are ahead of our times.....
    By the way, today is Dr. Suess's birthday. Do you like green eggs and ham? Personally, I prefer one fish two fish. Stay safe.