Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Recap of Thailand

Mango-sticky rice treat
A quick decision to head into Laos has left me little time to describe all that made up my experince in Thailand. Easily put, food, food and more food. To dig a little deeper, we first arrived in Bangkok, the very modern capital, located in the center of the country dividing Northern Thailand from Southern Thailand.Our week in Bangkok consisted of moving from riches to rags or Siam Square to Khao San Road "adjusting" to the new norms of chopsicks, script instead of letters, and a crazy busy city. Jet lagged, we wandered about making the most of each day but making sure to stop and eat along the way. Ok- so maybe what I should really say is we ate our way through each day.

It's really hard getting used to the new restaurants. On the outside they look like holes in the walls, where you have the strange urge to clean everything you see, but when the final product hits your taste buds, you're blown away.
Stuffing my face
Roadside stall for dinner

Candid- note lack of wardrobe
Having to cope with the lack of cleanliness of our eatery's, I ate my favorite, Pad Thai for the first week. After a few times watching Danny drool as he ate fried chicken, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and try it. Hooked within the first bite! As the days went on, so did my adventurous appetite. As we trekked up North to Chiang Mai, Danny brought me to all the best spots to eat. Once again, expanding my menu selections.

If you have never tried Thai food, I suggest you put away that frozen chicken you have on your counter and find your nearest Thai restaurant and get an order of Pad Thai. A little side note, Danny took me to a Thai restaurant for our first date, where I tried Thai food for the first time.

ok Dan- thats enough pictures of me stuffing my face
Coming back to Thailand, I knew the food was going to be amazing, but what was a surprise was my manners. I am lucky enough to have a mother who taught me manners (and made sure I used them). Thai's are extremely polite. There is hardly any haggling, you are always greeted with a smile, and god forbid anyone bump in to you- there will be a million sorrys and bowing. It couldnt be any more different then the western world. (maybe just NY?) Thai's even wait in a single file  line to get on the sky train. I asked Dan the first time I saw it and he laughed and said not like Boston or London is it? So manners have come in handy. As you can see from the pictureto the right, sometimes the deliciousness of the food gives me a slight lapse in my manner use, but the Thai's understand. They love their food too!

To conclude, we've seen Wats, we've explored what seems like every inch of all the cities we've been to, I've even enjoyed a massage (or 2), but my favorite has been the food. Let's just say it was a good decision to pack the sneakers!

Dont think Sir Robbins doesnt indulge either!!

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