Friday, January 14, 2011

Out of My Element

Alas, the train was on time and me made it down to Udupi. We still got in late and it was very dark so we got a retiring room at the train station had a hot shower and headed into town to try and get some food for dinner.

As we took our 10 minute rikshaw ride into town I started to feel uncomfortable and out of my element. It's about time right. There is way more to india than just beaches. We were dropped off in the center of town and came across some sort of religious statue being paraded all through town. So we followed the locals and did what they did. As i looked around I noticed there wasnt another white person in site.  There was also no food in site. So we went to one of the many store's on the side of the road and bought bananas, cookies, puffed rice, and water. This was our food for the next 36 hours. It took a while to find a rikshaw to bring us back to the train station. We had a quick snooze and woke up at 3am for our 16 hour train ride.

We borded the train and went to find out seats. There was someone sleeping in Danny's Bed. We gave him the boot and made Class 3 Berth 3 Seats 7 and 8 our new home.

We are now in travandulum in the very south of Kerala, India. This city is busy but is very friendly. There are no other white people in sight so we are eye candy for the locals. People just stare and giggle all day at us. I found that if you smile at them they usually just smile back. Oh what a simple smile can do.

We're in the midst of exploring the city today and signed up to take a 12 hour tour tomorrow.  I hope everyone back at home is doing well.

The only cool thing in Udupi

Just about to get off the train. Woohoo

After 12 plus hours on the train. Not looking too gross.

Sending love back to everyone at home- Meg & Dan


  1. Sophie,Jason and I enjoy your daily updates! We're glad your having a great time! Miss you!

  2. Following your musings with delight. Sending love!
    David & Chris

  3. Great pics Meg! Looks like you guys are having an amazing time. We miss you! Safe travels...

  4. Thanks everyone. We're having a blast. Sending love back.

    Meg and Dan.