Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Letting go.... (or at least trying to)

To plan or not to plan, that is the question. I came into this trip very aware that South East Asia, and particularly India, was going to be very lax. There would be no true planning, or so I thought. We've just been looking in our India guide book and hopping around to the towns that looked appealing.

Finally in Palolem did we decide we needed to get a little serious and start looking into travel plans. So we decided a stop to the travel agent on the way back from breakfast was in order. We tried to book some trains, all full. We tried to book some more trains, too expensive. We tried to book some more trains, tedious way of arriving to our destination. So after my hour of being mad glad sad etc (See previous post) we got everything figured out.

At 3pm we were going to head out on a local train. There was no booking involved. It was going to take us 4 hours south to Udupi, in the State of Karnataka. Well, the train was an hour late. We would have arrived at our destination when it was dark with no place to stay. So after all our planning we decided to hop of the train in Gokarna, another hotspot and spent the night. Well look what we stumbled upon...

As i sit on the beaches of Gokarna, I think to myself balance. Balance between planning and going with the flow. You've got to be able to change your plan on a moments notice. (Or while you're waiting an hour for your late train)

Well luckily our bump in the road dropped us off in this beautiful spot. We shared a taxi ride with an Israeli couple down to the beach and found our home for the night. We're going to try again for Udupi today. Cross your fingers...

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