Monday, January 31, 2011

A Final Tribute to India

Today is our last day in India. It's been everything and more than I ever thought it would be. We've had an amazing time! The North is definitely different from the South, but they are both great in their own way. Where the North lacks, they make up for it with the friendly faces we see on an every day basis.

It seems that every street we turn down, we bump into someone that Dan knows. We've stopped at his favorite places to eat, mostly street vendors and they all seem to recognize him and welcome us with friendly smiles and hugs. They ask if we want the usual. The usual? Today's the first day we got here, I'm thinking to myself. Dan gives his nod of approval. Every vendor that we've gone to has remembered exactly what Dan's usual order was a year ago. We've gotten a warm feeling from everyone we've come into contact with. 

The love, kindness and compassion that everyone shows us has been more than genuine. India is a country filled with love for every brother and sister of the world. With that being said, we will miss our time in India and cherish it until the next opportunity for us to visit arises. 

A final tribute and tidbits to India...

I'm not sure if i've touched on the fact that everyone eats with their hands.. or hand, right hand to be exact. Left is used to wipe. So when I eat with both my hands Indians stare at me in disgust. (I use t.p so i can use both my hands thank you very much!)  

I'm going to miss all our young friends that we made along the way. Their smiles and friendly hellos have certainly made an impression!

 I wont miss crammed means of transportation, but i will miss the friendly chatter on the trains.
 Good bye toilets. I cant say that I'm not going to miss these because I have no idea what my future toilet situation will be like. So for karma purposes, these toilets were manageable. Hopefully on the next leg of the journey, they are still manageable.
 Someone I know will really miss his Hindi television. This was taken at the first hotel that we stayed in that had a T.V. He sat there for a while just glued to the tube!
 Goodbye beautiful sunsets. Sadly we've had reports that the weather in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam is still on the rainy and dreary side. We're still hopeful!

Upcoming travel plans include a flight to Bangkok for an overnight stay and then a bus ride to the Cambodian Border. Followed by a week at Angkor Wat. If you have time, look this place up. This wasnt a schedule stop on the trip, but the people we've met over the past month have raved about it. So here goes nothing! 

Bye India! Thanks for treating us so well, until the next time we see each other :)

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