Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Fun Filled Day

I ordered some books on amazon before I left and of course they didnt come in time. So my mother gave me the girl with the dragon tattoo to read on a whim as I was leaving back on the 4th. We'll I got hooked. I love the series and have read all three books as of yesterday. I stayed up until 2 in the morning with my flashlight just like  I was in summer camp.

I havent stayed up pass 9pm the whole time i've been in india! Danny was fast asleep and had no idea I had stayed up so late. So he couldn't figure out why I slept in until 11. After I got my barrings (more or less brushed my teeth) we headed out for breakfast. Our breakfast man commented on the fact we were so late! We sat enjoying an egg sandwich and some chai while this old indian woman came up to us and pointed. Dan opened up his wallet to give her some money and she shook her head. So we ordered her an egg sandwich too (all of 10 rupees) She sat and ate breakfast with us and then went on her way. While we were still sitting there, an asian woman came up to the stall with 4 street boys and bought them breakfast. They sat next to us beaming from ear to ear. We sparked their attention when we took out our malaria pills. They all gave us an open palm wanting some too. I laughed and said no sorry. (What I really wanted to say was, this isnt going to give you the kind of effect you're looking for guys, as I know that's what they were looking for.) We started to talk to them. I gave them the rest of my food and fruit juice and they shared their secret hand shakes with us.

This was all in the matter of about 15 minutes from when I woke up. At first I was a little overwhelmed with the old woman and the boys but as I was walking away waving back to them, I thought about how wild the situation actually was. In fact, it was amazing. As we walked to the internet place to get our upcoming travel plans squared away we bumped into Danny's good friend Patema. She has to be one of the sweetest women on the world. We found her sitting on the street and we literally just bumped into her. She stood up and was amazed to see Dan. She had the biggest smile I had ever seen. She kissed us both and we chatted with her for a while. As we were about to leave, she said a simple thank you. Puzzled we asked, what for? Just for talking with me. I dont want any money, I dont want any food, all I want is (She put her hand on our throat). I just want to talk with you. I've missed you my brother. It was an overwhelming feeling that her words brought to me. I was in awe.

We continued on with our day and realized it was 4pm. We grabbed another bite to eat and decided it was date night! We headed over to the movie theater and got a ticket for the pm showing of a hindi love film. Dan assured me I was in for a treat. It's the exact opposite of an American movie theater. Everyone laughs and really gets into the movie. They are loud, they dont turn off their cell phones, they actually pick up their calls! It was hysterical. We had a blast and the movie was actually pretty good. Yes it was in Hindi, but we understood the gist of it.  

We had a great day of fun and somehow we were tired! So we headed to bed. I was just about to fall asleep and heard all this banging. I thought it would go away but it wasnt so i sat up. Then I realized that it was getting louder and it sounded more like music then banging. I went into the hallway and looked out the window and saw what looked like a circus. I told dan to come out and we locked the door and headed downstairs. Mind you, I was in my pj's, I didnt have my glasses on nor did I even think to grab my camera. Silly mistakes right there. As we went downstairs we realized that it was a Wedding procession!!! It was the craziest thing I'd ever seen. There was TWO marching bands, some type of light up carnival looking thing, the groom on a white horse, and people everywhere. As we sat and stared at them for a half hour we decided it was time to go back to bed. The guest house manager assured us it would be fine if we went into the wedding. We were guests and we'd be more than welcome. I thought about it for 20 seconds and realized I would be a little peeved if someone in their pj's showed up at my wedding uninvited. Once again, we declined politely and headed back up to bed. After all, we did have a very fun filled day.

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