Thursday, January 27, 2011

KPMG Offshore

We had a quick 24 hours in Bangalore. You know what that means, right? I goggled the address for the GDC and headed out in search. I found a rickshaw driver and he said it would cost 120 rupees. To put it into perspective a usual rickshaw ride would cost anywhere from 20 to 60 rupees. However, you get 45 rupees to the dollar. So it cost me about 3 bucks! It was sure worth the "expensive" 120 rupees.

We headed out in the beginning of rush hour traffic. Bangalore is a very modern city with younger people dressed in regular western attire. As we were driving there I was trying to imagine what this place was going to look like. I dont know if any of you have seen outsourced but, thats all i could picture. Boy was I wrong.

After a 20 minute drive we turn down this very busy highway rode and there is a big building with the KPMG logo. I was so excited! My driver said he would wait for me to do whatever i needed to. So Dan, my boyfriend, and I headed  out to take some pictures. We soon realized that there was one huge gated building with about 10 different company logo's on it. I sat there a little confused trying to figure out  if the first building I saw was a KPMG building or if this one was.  We snapped some photos of both and headed back to the rickshaw.

I started to tell the driver that I worked at KPMG is the USA. He said, why dont you go in. I turned to my left and said the armed security in front of the gate, thats why. He laughed and got out and said something to them and motioned me to come follow him. (What white skin will do in a foreign country) The let us into the industrial park.

As we walked around we came to the realization that the 10 or so different logo's on the main building all had a floor within that building and they also had their own building. This industrial park was huge. There was also a golf course in the back as well. You can see some of the logo's in the pictures, but there was also yahoo, dell, ibm etc. The building's were nice, if not nicer than ours.

No one stopped our searching so we continued. We walked into the main building and noticed KPMG was on the 2nd floor. We took the elevator up! As the doors opened there was a security guard there. I explained that I worked for KPMG in the USA and HE LET ME IN! I sat and took pictures and watched people come in and out of the glassed doors. He asked if i had a business card. (Woops forgot that in my pack!) He said if i had proof i worked at KPMG he could let me in. Sadly i didnt but i thanked him and the receptionist and went on my way.

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