Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Special Note to the Keshmiri Kids!

To: Sophia, Julia, Jake and Mia

Hi guys! Hope you are getting tons of snow days! Yesterday Danny and I went around town here in Kochi, India and we went went to a church called St. Mary's. We walked in through the gates and found out there was an all girls school attached to it. We met some of the girls and took pictures. Thought you'd want to see that there's a St. Mary's School in India too! Be good for your mom. (you can give you dad as much trouble as you want. I'm kidding!!) Miss you kiddies!


Meg and Dan.

St. Mary's church

St. Mary's School

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  1. Dear Megan,
    Really cool pictures. Their school yard looked pretty and their uniforms looked much less itchy than ours. We just had a snow day and got four days off in a row because of MLK Day. We are giving Daddy tons of trouble. We miss you.
    Love, SJJ&M

    PS Daddy wants to know if you have had diarhea yet? tee hee