Friday, January 21, 2011

Tidbit's about India

It just occurred to me that I see the wildest things everyday and I have yet to share them with any of you. It finally dawned on me yesterday when we came out of dinner and saw a cow standing in the doorway waiting to be fed. I didnt think twice about it. I guess that means they are finally starting to become my norm.

Note: most if not all pictures were taking without permission. i'm sure these nice indians wont mind, as they are constantly asking me to take their picture.

Let's start with the boys. They are affectionate about one another and they aren't afraid to show it. These are 3 middle school boys walking down the street. I didnt ask them to pose like this, it's just the common thing for young boys to do.
 Now the men. As boys get older, their affection grows. These two men are holding hands. I tried to sneak a picture of them and they caught me! They happily came over and posed for one anyway. They were still holding hands. Perfect. I have yet to see a man and woman holding hands in public but there are tons of men holding hands everywhere you look!
 This is the typical dress for men. It's a sheet wrapped around the lower body. Sometime it's folded up into a skirt as shown below. It's usually worn with a dress shirt. Business on top, party on the bottom.
 Spitting is allowed everywhere you go. You can find men and women chewing a red tobacco type product called beetle. I've been around a few men that use dip or chewing tobacco at home so it doesnt really phase me. It's the women doing it that blow my mind. We were in a conversation with a women last week and as i was talking she just spit right there in front of me. Yummmm
Sadly, their lobsters look nothing like maine lobsters. However, they taste pretty similar!
 I am not a big coffee or tea (called chai in india). Every morning I ask for a glass of juice. Usually i just pick the cheapest on the menu because they are all delicious. What i get in return is a glass filled with the freshest juice imaginable. It's so great. Costs me about 50 cents!
 There arent really trash cans in india. Instead they throw their trash anywhere they please. When a bug pile of trash accumulates in front of your house or store, you sweep it in a pile and light it on fire. It's smells as awful as it sounds. So sad :(

Cows are free to wander about. They are very sacred in India. This was a pregnant cow that we saw all around town in Mysore. She would go to all the food vendors on the street and they would feed her. Who's cow is it? We're guessing the neighborhoods!

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