Friday, February 25, 2011

If it's meant to be, it will be!

For the past few days I've been keeping myself busy. Meeting friends at the beach, for dinner, trying to adjust to this new solo life. Yesterday I woke up and said to myself,” You’re going to spend the day with yourself, just yourself." So like usual I headed to the market to get my breakfast. My fruit lady" welcomed me with a warm smile and gave me her best fruit.

Then I headed to the internet to deal with things back home and flights etc. I usually give myself an hour at most on the internet, but I happened to get a skype call from my sister which turned into a backgammon game online. Which then turned into a 3-way call with our brother. It was just the way I wanted to spend my morning. To clarify, I was still alone in the internet cafe, even if I was chatting with Moe and Neil.

I then headed out on a bike ride. 2 hours of riding all around I stopped at a riverside cafe and enjoyed the scenery and serenity. It was breathtaking.

Continuing my day alone I headed out to the beach for a run. I got drenched by the waves within 5 minutes which made the next 15 minutes very pleasant (not!) When I got back to the beach side cafe there was a group of woman playing cards. They invited me to play with them! They quickly taught me the game and we enjoyed each others company for about 2 hours. during those 2 hours I got a phone call from my new friend Na. A 23 year old girl I met at the market. She wanted to know if I wanted to get coffee with her tonight?

I then headed off back home feeling great and ready for a shower and dinner alone. Because that's what I'm supposed to be doing today right? Well who do I bump into, but the Aussie couple Dan and I met back in Dalat. I enjoyed a meal with them and then headed off to meet Na for coffee. As I was waiting for Coffee, who do I bump into, but the Borchs!

So there you go. My day alone turned into a day of surprises from old friends and new friends. Even though I was trying to spend the day alone and just with myself, it was very pleasant feeling knowing that I'm not alone, from the smile of the fruit lady, the skype call to back home, and the sheer luck of bumping into new and old friends. A great example of the old saying, "If it's meant to be, it will be."

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