Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Setting Up

I checked myself into a new hotel. I was living the life of luxury in the old one last week. My new hotel smells like mold but other than that it does the trick. Who am I kidding? I'm already searching for a new one, dont worry!

Yesterday was what I call my fresh start day. I am trying to become familiar with my surroundings, which include the market, my new cell phone, and the beach. Yes that's all I did yesterday. Jumped on the band wagon of having a cell phone. $25 set me up. Can you believe that? Then I shopped around my local outdoor market trying to spot the friendliest woman to buy things from. Glad my perception is pretty good. The people I bought from were so kind and they had other nice people buying from them, that also helped me. Love is in the air here in Hoi An.

I put up a few flyers (hand made of course) looking for apartments. I guess thats the way to do it in Hoi An. So I'll see what comes my way. Once again, hope you are all great back at home.

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  1. Seeing your mom today,hon. You will be discussed. Love you.dbw