Saturday, March 5, 2011

Girls Day

As most of you know, I've great friends from Vermont living in Hoi An for the year. We have been taking advantage of each others company over the past 2 weeks. Both parties excited to have someone that brings a reminder of life back at home, while enjoying all that Vietnam has to offer.

We all know my love for pampering and fortunately, that is one of the many things that Vietnam has to offer. Spa's galore!

The Borch's have 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl. The boys birthday's will be happening while I'm still here, but Bri's was back in October. Well it's never too late to get a birthday present is it? Nope!

I picked her up from school and we headed to the Spa Street (literally a street lined with spa after spa) We tired to get a quick refreshing drink before heading into our relaxing afternoon. I ordered a mango shake and Bri ordered a coke. I got a Mango pancake and Bri got her coke. As we laughed about another "lost in translation' episode, we enjoyed the mango pancake all the same.

I sat there reading the long list of services they provided while we both got beautiful manicure's and pedicure's all for a measly $7. The words eyebrow wax kept popping up. So friends, I caved.. Some of you know I spent the month's of November and December back at home growing out my eyebrows so they could be maintenance free. My girlfriends had a chuckle, my mom begged me to get them 'fixed' before Christmas, yet I still insisted of going all nat-ur-al. They are back to normal now. And to add insult to injury the lady 'fixing' them said, "you keep eyebrow for long time". Obviously I couldnt wait to share with my girlfriends back at home!

Another lovely day here in Vietnam!

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