Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Woman's Day

I know my last post was called girls day, but that was self declared. Today is the real Holiday "Women's Day"! It's a big hit over here, as women are not usually the center of attention.

I've been staying in the same hotel for the last 3 weeks. No it's not the four season's, but the people have been very kind. I've become friendly with one of the girls that work here, Thuey. (Pronounced Two-E) Last night she asked me to play cards, the favorite past time of the Vietnamese. Abruptly the water pipe broke and she wasnt able to play any longer. Instead she invited me for coffee in the morning, 8am to be exact!

I woke up bright and early and the receptionist greeted me with a "Happy Woman's Day" Ahhh so that's why the streets lined up with flowers yesterday. Thuey picked me up on her motorbike and we went to get Pho, the typical Vietnamese breakfast. Then we met her boyfriend Thang (pronounced like the orange drink Tang) for coffee. We learned all about each other. We were having such a good time she invited me back to her house.

Not knowing what the proper etiquette of Vietnam is, I stopped at one of the stalls selling flowers to get something for her mother. Her family couldnt have been any nicer. They didnt speak a lick of English but once again cards brought us together.
They prepared a wonderful meal for me and asked me question after question (all through Thuey of course) It was such a wonderful and unexpected morning.

I went back to the hotel to find a group of females "lounging" at work playing cards. I could get used to this woman's day thing. They greated me with another "Happy Woman's Day" and asked me to play cards with them. I thought we were having a good time, but abruptly they all got up and left on their motorbikes. I was all confused but they later returned with cakes, all for their moms. They explaned to me that one of the girls got 31 points and the game was over. Here I was thinking I smelled bad. While they took turns going home to visit the woman of their lives, I sat and thought about how special this day was. So I went out and bought a cake for the woman in my life.. my hotel ladies! They were so excited when I got back.

We're just about to cook ourselves dinner at the kitchen in the hotel and enjoy the delicious cake! Happy Woman's Day to us! It's nice to know woman all over the world, of all nationalities can unite!

I guess woman's day is celebrated internationally, not just in Vietnam. So to all my favorite woman back at home ... Happy Woman's Day to each of you. Thinking about you always over here in Vietnam!

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