Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Moving Day

Today is the day that I move into my apartment! The atmosphere at the hotel is very melancholy. I broke the news that I'd be moving out two days ago and you would have thought that I told them I was going to die tomorrow. I think they were under the impression that I was going to move in. Well, to be fair to them I do eat my breakfast at their kitchen table and they cook me lunch if I'm around at lunch time and I play cards with them (this being the most meaningful) sooo maybe their impression wasnt all that distorted.

Either way,today is the big day. I spent a little while packing yesterday with my door open so everyone could march on by and see that it was a reality. It was more for my non-english speaking friends that had no idea what I was saying when i told them I was leaving. Everyone popped their head in with that look of horror.

The owner of the hotel, Ms. Thu begged, she said she would discount, but I told her I already gave a deposit, which might have been a little white lie. When she knew I wouldnt budge she invited everyone out for coffee on my behalf. Me, Ms. Thu, Ha and Thuey headed out, once again at 8am, for a relaxing morning with the locals. We had a great time. Ha and Thuey didnt even want to talk to me they were so sad. I kept reassuring them that i'll still come and see them and they can come to my home and once they realized that I meant every word, they quickly got over their crummy attitude, I was once again invited over for a meal at their family home.

Later that afternoon I headed out on my bike to their house. We did a little more wandering around this time and I happened to find their backyard! It was full of Cum Quat tree's (the christmas tree of TET) pigs, cows, ducks, all for sale of course. Ha took a shower and left me in the back with her niece and when she returned with high heals, dressed to the nines, the Vietnamese nines, she saw her mother coming from the field with her cows and she got in the cow barn and started putting out hay. Laughing to myself I thought how different this would be if we were in America. I would have run away if I saw my mother coming if I was going out for a night on the town and I NEVER would be willing to jump into a cow barn when I was dressed and ready to go out. More power to them! Maybe I'm just a little brat and need to start embracing this "effortless" attitude. Either way, we had a great night.

So my bags are fully packed and I'm in my last hour at the hotel (using the free internet) Of course it just started to rain so this shall be interesting. Just wanted to give you all an update. Hope you're all well.

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