Friday, March 11, 2011


I woke up yesterday to beautiful weather and as I havent been to the beach all week
(I know though life right) I thought'd I'd show Janie Ang Bang beach. As we sat there falling asleep to the waves we heard a little noise. "Bing" It was Janie's cell phone. Wait, another "bing" - 2 text messages within 30 seconds of each other. 1 from a friend in Thailand and another from a friend n England. Both with the same message 'Tsunami Warning be careful'

As she reads this out to me, I just kinda shrug my shoulders. I never have had to worry about these things before so i didnt freak out and panic. I just thought oh interesting- Then reality hit me...I'm sitting on a beach looking at the ocean. All I have is my bike and I couldnt out bike a Tsunami if my life depended on it (which it would) and Hoi An is 100% flat except for Marble Mountain. Ok well it's time to get off your butt Megan...

We went up to the covered part of the beach place we were staying and looked at a map. Vietnam is directly south-west of Japan with nothing in between. So my freakout level rises (just a little though) Enough thought that we decided to bike back into town.

10 minutes into our journey home, I realize that we've just been biking parallel with the beach the entire time and I just start laughing. Way to have those survivor skills Megan. So I get into this giggle fit and Jane picks up on it and joins in as well. Totally high on adrenaline we are laughing and saying all the things we want to do at that very moment... yes they were all overindulging and very bad for us!! We continued biking home while everyone, westerners and Vietnamese looked at us like we were crazy as we're saying "we're all going to die"

We finally got into loud speaker territory and nothing seemed alarming, the dogs didnt seem to be picking anything up with their "sixth sense" and the locals weren't running around like chicken's with their heads cut off- as I think they would if the Tsunami actually was coming.

We went right to a internet place.... well not right there. We picked up our laundry, went to the post office and stopped to take some pictures of school kids. Oh ya know, the things necessary when there might be a Tsunami about to hit you. We finally made it to the internet cafe and found out.. we're OK and we should continue to be OK. After emailing mom, (laughing at the state she'd be in when she figured what happened while she was sleeping) i vowed that today was a day worth getting a cocktail for! And that's just what I did....

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