Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Fools No More

My last post I mentioned that Mr. Vong and Thang were stand up guys. Well, you can add Dan to that list. April 5th at about 10:30 there was a little bit of commotion downstairs at the front gate. Becoming one with my Vietnamese lifestyle, I poked my head out of my door to see what was going on. There he was, suitcase in tow, standing at my front gate. I dont have to joke about Dan coming to visit anymore. He's here!

I wish I could say it was a total surprise, but I knew it was coming. I even hired the motorbike taxi guy to pick him up. Which is a funny story in itself. I met Mr. Twan, the motorbike man, and explained my friend was coming in at 9:30pm at the airport (which is an hour away from where I live) I gave him a sign with Dan's name on it, some money and reiterated 9:30pm. The morning of the 5th I got a call from MR. Twan at about 10 am saying, "You're friend is not here" My heart sank. This poor guy just drove an hour to get Dan at the wrong time and he's going to have to do it again tonight. Once again I said 9:30pm. No need to worry, he showed up. Mini Crisis fixed.

Ha and Mr. Vong were already asleep when Dan got there so I called their cell phone and explained Dan was here. I don’t know if they actually understood that he was at their residence of 328 Cua Dai, but they didn’t protest...that night. The next day Ha asked what kind of Visa Dan had. C1- tourist which translates into he can only stay in a hotel. Of course she waited to tell us this until 3pm, so off on our bikes we went trying to either fix a visa or find a hotel. End result- Dan's in a hotel.

Sorry for my lack of blogging and email responses but it's been pushed to the last thing on my to do list. With only 20 days left on my adventure, I am enjoying the beautiful weather, the delicious food, the Borch's company, and now Mr. Dan Robbins.

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