Monday, April 4, 2011

Male vs. Female, Vietnam Style

We are all lucky enough to come from a country where women are equal to men. I would have to say Vietnam is a step up from India, but not by much.

Example #1:

I had the pleasure of going to another wedding today. After 3 other weddings, I knew what to expect so instead of taking in all the wedding traditions, I just people watched. We were at a neighborhood wedding where men and women were sitting together (big doings over here) I watched as the men were served first, and by women. I watched only men do karaoke, drink beer and smoke cigarettes. I watched all the men at my table get up before me, leaving me in the dust.

As we drove home, we pulled into the restaurant to see Ha sitting at a table. Once again, she was left at home to work while Mr. Vong got to enjoy. Don’t worry, I offered to watch the restaurant so Ha could go to the wedding. Her reply was, "You cook.. no more customers!" Sadly, I'd have to agree but I tried my hardest to make her go and enjoy.

Example #2

Yesterday, I changed and confirmed my flights for my travel plans home. I am heading home The 25th of April and arriving stateside on the 26th. This morning I had en email from Danny that read.."In proper Asian fashion, I (the male) got all of your travel information and updates, making sure that I am in the know on everything you are doing." Dan and I didn’t book our tickets together, we are on separate flights home from different countries and are currently in different countries as well. However, we did book through the same agency. Being in South East Asia, I guess that gives Dan the right to be in the know of everything that's going on with me.

Example #3:

While I was at the beach yesterday I ran into Thang, who is my friend Thuey's boyfriend. He was eating at a restaurant with a bunch of his friends. Harmlessly, I mentioned it to Thuey when I saw her (at the hotel, while she was working) and she rolled her eyes. Thang is an engineer, who decided to quit his job and find a new one. Well, he's been out of work for months now. So, we can all assume why Thuey rolled her eyes. They are supposed to get married in November, and all she said to me was, "I guess we'll just get married next year now"

Mr. Vong and Thang, through my eyes, are stand up guys who are just living the Vietnamese male life. It's a different world over here. Hopefully the next time I come to visit, things will be different for Ha and Thuey. We all know how different Vietnam is compared to 20 years ago. One only knows what the next 20 years will bring.

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  1. Hi Meg..hope you enjoy your last weeks on your adventure. Sounds like you have had a great time. Have a safe trip home.

    We are going to be back home on May 4th..just in time to go back to work for both of us :)

    Marguerite & Bill