Saturday, December 17, 2011

What I Call Preparation

Less than two weeks before our adventure begins, I find myself making my lists and checking them twice (ho ho ho). I haven't had to do much to prepare for this trip. Instead of stressing and packing, all of the things that a type A personality should be doing, I am taking the advice of a good friend..."buy your ticket, say your goodbyes and figure it out when you get there," (Let's be serious here, I still have my lists and my inherited type A personality)But instead of stressing the small stuff, I'm enjoying the company of friends, family and the luxuries of the USA.

The past week has been spent indulging in an assortment of favorites. I have watched more Law and Order SVU episodes while wrapped up in blankets warm in front of a fireplace then I thought possible. I have eaten beef for at least one meal (OK two) a day and have visited and revisited with the special people in my life.

I've had the pleasure of leisurely Christmas shopping, sleeping in, and cooking. Yes, you read that correctly. Cooking is leisurely when you know you wont be doing it again for years.

Now let's let the fun of Christmas Craziness begin!!

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