Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gossip Girl.... or Boy

I let my tour guide, Danny,  bring me to the best morning hot spots. The temperature was amazing. It was in the 70's with minimal sun. We stopped at the local hot spot for breakfast before heading to a morning market. I thought Dan just wanted to show me the market. After walking up and down each row he said this is where I get coffee. I was stunned. He sat at a stall in the market! Wow, what a local. The woman asks if we wanted to take away or sit. Of course we want the full experience. As we tell her we want to sit, we're greeted with a disgusted look. As the time passes, I finally look at Danny and have the following conversation

Me: so you enjoyed coming here last time
Dan: yeah it was nice, the woman was always a little bitchy but...
(after a few seconds)
Dan: I think this is where all the woman come to gossip. So I would just come and sit and be in the middle

I just about died. For all of you that know Dan, you know this is the total opposite of his personality. I couldn't believe that he went somewhere, where they were blatantly rude to him, when there are so many other nice people and places around, just to be in the center of Thai old woman gossip, that he cant understand!!

Here's a video of the market area. I cant wait to go back tomorrow to see what the new gossip is!

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