Friday, January 6, 2012

Bye Bye Bangkok

Just what you'd expect in Chinatown

After a late start to our day, we headed back to the old neighborhood to pick up our Visas and get "the best fried chicken" in Bangkok, so says the bible.  It didn't  disappoint, it was phenomenal. After an easier morning than anticipated, we had some time to check out Chinatown. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! The sights and the smells were all compacted into the smallest streets. After an hour, my freak out mode kicked in and I was ready to leave. Dan on the other hand could have stayed a lot longer, but the nice boyfriend he is grabbed us a tuk-tuk and we headed back to the homestead.
Best Fried Chicken.....Someone is excited

After a long tuk-tuk ride home, we decided to catch a flight in the morning to Chaing Mai. Oh the joys of budget airlines and the internet. A few bucks later and we have successfully made it to Chaing Mai.After our journey to Chaing Mai, which consisted of the wrong sky train stop, the wrong train to the airport (got a quick switch just in time), and a delayed flight, , neither of us were phased. It was a regular day in traveling that wasnt worth batting an eye to.
Bye Bye Bangkok


Happy man with his bread!
It feels so good to be out of the crazy streets of Bangkok. We  both had enough of the hustle and bustle. But today brought the real joy. We have arrived and posted up in Danny's old spot. Last year, Dan was here for over a month. He is so excited to be back and to revisit all of his favorite spots. One being his favorite bread stop. (He needed a pre dinner snack!!) It was refreshing to see him so excited to be here.  It makes me excited to see what these streets have to bring.

Be sure to check back on my last post and on the photos link above. Chiang Mai has some fast internet which means lots of pictures!!!

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  1. So glad you have arrived safely. Love the pictures..they are beautiful. Have a great time and we will be following your adventures :)
    Love you both!!!! ♥♥♥