Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cloud 9 in Vietnam

After a 10 day tour of Luang Prabang, Laos, we were finally ready to embark on the second phase of our journey- Vietnam. We've been enjoying the trip thus far, but the moment we landed in Hanoi airport, I felt a sudden change.

As we drove into the city, Danny even commented how my entire demeanor had changed.

We were dropped of at our prebooked hotel to be told that they were overbooked and they had another hotel for us. I was on cloud 9- it didn't even phase me. I just nodded and followed the man out the door and down the road. As we get into the room Danny had the "wtf" look on his face. Then I came back to reality and realized it was a little strange, but still I didn't care. We headed out for a late night stroll taking in all of the traffic, sights, smells, and sounds that were around us.
Our welcome to Vietnam smiles
Can you tell mines a little bigger
 than Danny's?

We're only spending two days in Hanoi. So we made sure to get out early- you know 11am (They had a blow dryer!!!!) We walked up and down the old quarter and the french quarter. With all the main tourist attractions already checked off the list from last years visits, it was a leisurely walking day. Well maybe not leisurely when you add motorbikes, slippery roads, and the hustle and bustle that comes with Hanoi!

I continued my cloud 9 feeling all throughout the day. I couldn't shake it, nor did I want to. I haven't felt this good the entire trip. It was raining all day- not a problem, I've got a rain coat.  Our cookie treats had a nice big bug in them- ehhh just spit it out. I even fell in the middle of the road, covered myself in muck, and shook it off. (Thanks to Danny I'm still alive!!) But seriously- nothing can bring me down. It feels so good to be in Vietnam.

Happy Happy Girl!!!

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