Tuesday, February 7, 2012

All Together Again!

After a 16 hour treacherous bus ride, we arrived in Hoi An!!  It was an already long ride that seemed even longer when the cigarette smoke and strange men filled the bus, but hey, no pain no gain…right? I could have paid the extra 12 bus for a better bus. Sadly the lesson was learned the hard way.
Either way, we made it. I was so nervous and excited to see all of my Vietnamese friends. I was afraid that they wouldn’t be as excited to see me, but as soon as we arrived at 328 Cua Dai- there were screams and cheers and a lot a pinching and hugging (maybe some tears, but shhhh don’t tell anyone).

After we put our bags down Ha cooked us some wonderful food, we played my favorite Vietnamese card games and just enjoyed each others company. The same night, Thuey and Thang came by. We kept it a secret that we were coming back so when they got a call from my old Vietnamese cell phone they didn’t really know what to do. They came over to our place within minutes. They got married in December. We were 2 weeks shy of attending but they told us all about it annnnnndd they’re having a baby. I think their honeymoon was a little too fun! 

Of course we headed up to our favorite beach spot. The water was cold but it didn’t stop Dan! The only thing missing was his sidekick Nolan.

We’re so happy to be back. Hoi An is truly an amazingly special place. We would love to have visitors- so if anyone is thinking about a vacation- we know we’ll definitely be here until May 1st.

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