Tuesday, March 6, 2012

House Hunting Part 2

We were lucky enough to catch a beautiful sunrise in the process
We've heard (and now experienced) horror stories of house hunting in Vietnam. You can ask someone, who ask's someone else, who know's someone who has a house for rent or you can drive around all the neighborhood's on your bicycle looking for signs of a house for rent, or you call Alex, the new house man in Hoi An.

We're guilty of all 3 of the above scenarios. We told Ha we were looking for a house and she made a few phone calls and the person on the other line made a few phone calls which brought us to a few houses, but none up to par. Then we had the day of riding around in the 90 degree weather trying to find signs of houses for rent. That only turned up one very overpriced house. With a hint from an expat friend, we got a hold of Alex's number. We told him our price range and length of stay and he showed us 3 houses.The first was a slum house, the second was luxury living we could never afford and the third was a perfect house near a speaker.

What is a speaker? It's a very, very loud megaphone placed all around neighborhoods in Hoi An that goes off every morning at 5am without fail. After looking at the house, we returned on our own the next day, and the next, and the next. It totally grew on us and we fell in love. So this morning was the final test. 4:30am wake up call, we rode out to the house, waited for the owner, went inside the house, shut all windows and doors and listened and I have good results to report.

Our humble abode for the next three months

We are proud renters in Hoi An, Vietnam.  Move in day is three short days away.  Luckily, the house is 75% furnished. We need a few staple item's (like bedding) but other then that, wooooohoooo here we come!!!!

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