Sunday, February 26, 2012

House Hunting

Within the last week we have transitioned from guests to full on family members. How do I know this?

When it comes to being sick, I am a full on baby. I hate everything about it. I have no time for achiness, tissues, and everything else that comes with being sick, but to be honest I cant handle it. I crawl up in a little ball and whine. My family dreads when I get sick and now so does Danny. Ha decided to tackle the challenge, obviously not knowing what she was getting herself into. She came to take my temperature, she told me to drink lots of fluids, she even tried to force feed me, but when the tears started to stream down my face, as I had reached my peak for interaction, she just laughed at me and mocked me. To make it worse, so did the rest of the family and everyone else at the clothes shop next door. It was just like I was home with Moe and Neil, my sister and brother. Another step closer to being family members.

Later in the week, Danny and I decided to tackle the kitchen. We live above a restaurant and the kitchen is a busy place, but somehow we managed to sneak in when no one was around. I quickly started to chop up the onions, wash down the potatoes, and get our home fries started. Then Mai appeared and started screaming. Ha always says we can use the kitchen whenever we want. So why was Mai screaming like I had just killed someone? Oh, it was because I didnt peal the potatoes- of course. Then starts the game of charades, me trying to explain that I cleaned the potatoes. Finally being able to move on from the disaster of not pealing the potatoes, Ha arrives and Mai is quick to convey I didnt peal the potatoes. Now Ha decides to scream a little, throw her arms around, and then look at my pan that I am burning to shit because I cant concentrate on the potatoes because I have too many Vietnamese women screaming at me, and scream a little more. That's when I gave up. I called Danny to the kitchen and said finish these, I'm going upstairs. It felt just like I was at home once again, being in the kitchen with all the women in my family, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, sisters, and somehow always being demoted to the person who sets the table because my cooking skills arent up to par.

Today, as I leisurely surfed the web in my pj's while Dan strummed the guitar sipping coffee, the door magically opened and there was Kit. Kit, who was extremely sick, popped in to say hello. He left as quickly as he came. Yeahhhh right. He was just going to get his new Lego's to show them off to Dan. YEAHHH RIGHHHHT. Then came Mai, his mother, who unzipped his jacket, handed Dan his orange juice, screamed something in Vietnamese and left. We were stunned. Luckily, Kit loves Danny and I'm chopped liver. So i grabbed the camera and watched from afar as Danny played Lego's and crossed his toes hoping to not catch the nasty bug that Kit is home from school with. We are finally in the family with this one. We're the grandparents that dont have anything else to do, so we watch our sick grandchildren. Funny, I dont ever remember having kids or grand kids....

Needless to say, house hunting has begun. We have 4 days before we have to renew our lease with Ha or find a new place. A lot can happen in 4 days and Danny and I are going to do everything in our power to see that it does!

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