Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Settling In

Our Mini- Fridge
 It's safe to say the move went smoothly. Little by little we brought everything we have, which is not much, to our new house via bicycle. We signed the papers, handed over a wad of money, and all that was left was furniture and Internet, which were both supposedly coming on Monday. I was sure it was all going to go smoothly. We'd spend Monday at the house gardening, cooking, doing things home renters do and everything would get done. The Internet man would come, the furniture would be delivered, and the house would be complete. As you all know, Dan and I are opposites, so of course he was sure nothing was getting done. We met in the middle as usual. The Internet man came but the furniture did not. The day gave us a good excuse to buy a DVD player as Vietnamese television is less than amusing. Of course our first dinner was fried chicken (Dan's favorite)
Furniture was finally delivered!

(Side Note: As I am writing this blog, sitting in the pictured chairs, our front gate it open and the neighbors have decided to let themselves in and check out the garden. Welcome to the neighborhood!)

With only one day before work starts, I set off into town with a list. High priority= work clothes, phone card and shoes. Pleasure= nails, books, dvd's. Success rate= 100%. Some were more challenging than others, like shoe shopping. Luckily, I have small feet. However, I know the price these shoes should cost and let me tell you, that's not the price they tried to charge me. I made a few women angry after they told me a whopping $25 for shoes. Can you believe it? I got mad that shoes were $25. Well, when they should be $5-10, you'd get mad too. Either way, I came away with two pairs of comfortable work shoes. Clothes were pre ordered at the best tailored shop in town- all the right size. Hunger games is the book of choice, 11 DVD's for $7.50, and finally a $1 pedicure. I'd say I'm all set for my first day of work tomorrow. Now let's just hope the alarm clock goes off. Oh yeah- that's right, the speaker goes off at 5am.

The new shoes!

Dan's job has already started!

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  1. Good luck today Meggles!! Hope you enjoy it :) The house looks great!