Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The blog of the B's.. Bugs, Buses, and the Borch's!

After our lovely Valentines Day we woke up at the wonderful hour of 5am to catch a flight up to Da Nang. Obviously I waited to pack until the morning and when i awoke with little bites on my feet I couldnt pack fast enough. Oh ya you guessed is.. Bed bugs. Nothing wraps up a wonderful Valentines Day like bed bugs. We paid our bill said our thank you's and headed for the door.. fast.

When we got into Da Nang, we got on another one of those silly buses. You know, the kind where they try and pack way to many people on, where people try to hide smoking a cigarette on the back of the bus, and everyone is sneezing, coughing and wiping boogers on the back of the seats... yeah one of those buses.

We arrived in Hue (pronounced Way) 2 hours later and to our surprise is was cold. Like bone chilling cold. I could have used 3 layers and maybe a winter jacket. We hit up yet another market. You think that after every market we've been to we'd be sick of them.. yeahh righht. Dan was getting his bargaining shoes on. We didnt come home with anything, so there goes to show you how good those skills are. We hit up a book store and stumbled upon some Judy Moody books in Vietnamese. Actually all the books were in Vietnamese, but it was still fun to look around. We grabbed some local Hue food (and a side of garlic bread of course). We turned in somewhat early praying to all the gods,(yes all of them.. we were in need of our prayers being answered) that when we woke up we didnt have any new bites on our feet and that we hadn't carried the bed bugs with us.

Thanks to all the gods, i think we're bug free. So when we woke up this morning to find that we had no new bites, we had a lazy morning reading our guide book trying to figure out which Hue to go... (hope you all just got my joke!)

We headed out for another walking tour day. Luckily the sun was out! We saw pagodas, temples, and other historical sites. It was kinda of like being in school.. especially because as I was trying to concentrate taking all of this stuff in I was preoccupied thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow we get to see the Borch's!!! I cant wait to see my friends :) So yes, seeing these sites in Hue is probably a once in a life time experience, but seeing my friends in Vietnam is just as equally important! I was more of a social butterfly then an A student in school anyways!

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  1. "I have been bit by the travel bug" indeed. Congratulations! Sounds like you dodged that one.