Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Got to Shake It.....

The glitz and the glam have been traded for the seedy squalor of the backpacking district near Khao San Road. We pre-booked our new hotel, after rave reviews, and fortunately it didn’t disappoint. Now, if only we could put it in a different area.

After an uncomfortable transformation, coming from less than a 10 minute taxi ride, anxiety set in. Thoughts of disillusionment, uncertainty and everything in between crossed my mind after we set out on foot to explore.

But once again, the green within the concrete jungle brought me to a comfort of what felt like home. After an hour of just sitting in the nearby park, I was ready to tackle the tight packed streets of the backpackers Mecca. That we did!

So far this trip has been the contrary of last years trip. The feelings of enthusiasm for the Mecca have been replaced with apathy. I don’t know if it was my taste of luxury these past few days or if my heart is set on finding a place to call home. After reading the travelers bible (lonely planet), the excitement fell short of the preceding standards. I was less concerned with the mediocre spots to hit between Bangkok and Chang Mai, which is our next destination, then the easiest route to get there. Instead of adventure, I seem to be looking for comfort. When did I turn into a old woman??
Maybe the glitz and the glam have been hiding the real contemplation of this journey, its purpose. Only time will tell.

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