Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Open Hearts, Open Minds

Superbowl Monday morning we frantically woke up and took our bikes into town to try and find a place to watch the game. We were 99% sure this one restaurant would have it. Well that restaurant was no longer there. As we rode up and down every street most shops and stores were closed and the ones that were open didnt know what the superbowl was. Sadly, we turned back for home.

In Hoi An there are many Expats, all here for one reason or another, and they all seem to "hang" at this one place called the Dingo Deli (Aussie owners). We popped in real quick for our hail mary. Old friends greeted us with smiles, but no answers. As were about to leave this woman, name unknown at the time, said ahhhh I know your pain, I hate when I want something back at home and I cant get it. Come with me, I've got a VPN. No questions asked we got on our bikes. As we quickly shook hands and introduced ourselves,  Lee graciously let us into her home and set up her computer and VPN  as we sat on her sofa and screamed at the screen and each other all morning. (Dan being a Patriot's fan) Luckily, Lee is Australian and thought we were very restrained.

Some of you may be thinking we're nuts, but that's what traveling is all about. We knew Lee was friends with some of our friends at the Deli and she knew we wanted to watch that game. For all she knew, we could have been wackos (that's still questionable!) We all took a chance- we came out victorious, THE GIANTS that is! But in all sincerity, we met a new friend and she even showed us a house for rent after the game.  With an open heart and an open mind, anything is possible here in Hoi An.

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