Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Graciously Accepting

Ha has graciously welcomed Dan and I into her family. She invites us to have lunch with her and her family everyday, charges us bare bone prices for dinner, gives us bicycles to use, and looks after us like we were her own children.

When I was here last year, Dan only spent about 2 weeks hanging around Ha's. Now that we've been here a little over 2 weeks, Ha and the rest of her family have  really opened up to Dan. Dan teaches their 20 year old son Heiu guitar lessons, wakes up Vietnamese style (6am) and has coffee with the ladies, and recently became their newest waiter and dishwasher. I am constantly reminded how good Dan is.
Mai, Dan and Ha all excited for the new shirt!!

I've been extremely lucky over the past few days in the job department and last night we realized it's been noticed. As we sat with Ha's family before the rush of customers for dinner, Mr. Vang, Ha's husband asked Dan if he was to get a job, would he stay here longer. Continuing the conversation, Mr Vang asked Dan what he wanted to do- bar tend, work in a hotel, restaurant, etc etc. As the examples of work continued to build so did the no's from Danny. There is only so much you can explain to your Vietnamese friends when both of you know only so much Vietnamese/English.

Not thinking anything of the conversation, we just laughed it off. Another funny story to add to the bunch. However, after lunch today Ha and her sister Mai knocked on our door looking for Dan. "Mr Vang bought this for you" It was an extremely large dress shirt. Politely Dan tried to show them it was too large and they soon agreed. Thinking he'd just escaped an awkward scenario, there was another knock on the door. Ha and Mai had big smiles and another dress shirt, this time just the right size for Dan.

There was no getting out of this. He graciously accepted and went to thank Mr. Vang. As he returned to the room he said, "I dont like where this is going. I think their trying to get me ready for work in a hotel." Trying to encourage the positives I say, "It's not an ugly shirt, it could be worse." Responding accordingly, Danny says, "The day I categorized jean shorts unwearable was the same day I said no to short sleeve collared shirts. Mai just said her husband has some shirts for me too. I'm scared, there is some plan in process." 

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