Sunday, February 19, 2012


I'm guilty- I watched the Whitney Houston funeral. But instead of 12pm-4pm, which is unusually long to begin with, I sat in front of my computer squinty eyed from 12 am-4am. Of course I love Whitney and her songs, but I didn't have posters or even her Cd's. I'm actually not sure why I  stayed up. Either way, it made for a very short sleep. A sleep made even shorter when Ha's nephew, Kit, was let into our room by none other than Dan himself. As the giggles started I unrolled myself from the sheets trying to figure out why my "boyfriend" looked like a 5 year old Asian boy. Oh wait- it was a 5 year old Asian boy!

Somehow, I didnt manage to get a picture of Kit!
I'm sure he'll come by tomorrow. Stay tuned.
With a shaky start to my morning, I tried to get back on routine and jumped on the elliptical. 5 minutes into my work-out, Dan sent Kit back up to see me and quickly disappeared. Highly energized, he played with all the buttons making the workout more and more difficult. Trying to articulate that I wanted him to stop- I gave up after he started pulling on the petals, making it nearly impossible to continue. Fed up, I just started to scream DAN, but he didnt come. Finally Kit got distracted- by opening up our bedroom door and trying to find everything and anything he could put his hands on. As I continued to pedal on the machine, we mutually decided that it was ok he played with the deck of cards. Well what's the best card game as a 5 year old- 52 pick up!! As he tried to pick up the cards all around the elliptical- he squeezed into every spot and eventually his head got stuck between the wall and the arm of the machine. At this point, I was burning, but not because my workout was so intense. I was trying to figure out how I got stuck watching a 5 year old and no  one seemed to be coming to my rescue.

Storming down the stairs, grumpy from no sleep, ready to bite someones head off, I see a restaurant full of customers and all hands on deck- including Dan! So I take Kit back upstairs and let him throw all of the cards he wants feeling lucky I'm not waitress Meg.

As Dan finishes his duties, we decide to get out of the restaurant for the day. The skies had stopped raining, so we hopped downtown for an afternoon of fun. As we enjoyed our quiet and delicious lunch at Cargo, we started to talk about future plans. Jobs, apartments, home life, and everything in between. As the conversation continued, we splurged on some dessert and coffee feeling relaxed and comfortable. As the dessert's made their way  to our table so did a cat.  (Not all that uncommon in Asia- at least it wasnt on our plate!) As he hopped into the plant next to our table, I started to get worried there might be a mouse. Freaking a little, I turned my head to see Dan cracking up. The cat just needed a little bathroom break. As the smell of cat piss engulfed my nostrils, I had to chuckle. But when the cat started to go #2, I took it as a sign that lunch was over and quickly grabbed my bag and headed for the door!

Not ready to go back to Ha's (our home), we continued our splurging and headed to another restaurant. Feeling unsettled from all morning and now afternoon series of events, we got a bucket of Sangria and continued our life plan conversation Kit and cat free! Feeling rejuvenated and someone content on our life plan conversation, we were ready to head back home. Half way there, we hear someone screaming MEG MEG MEG and find an ex-pat friend on the side of the road. She greats us with, "Do you have time to come to Cargo and get a coffee? My husband is looking for an accountant and really wants to meet you." Agreeing to meet, Danny and I pedaled away confused as to why we even discussed our future plans and secretly hoping the cat had found another restaurant to call home!

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