Monday, February 13, 2012

How Do You Get a Job in Vietnam?

Dan could always make rice wine!!

I could always wash laundry for a living

Some might say its easy, others may say its hard. So far we havent done anything out of our ordinary daily life. I popped into the Deli last week to grab an ice tea and happened to see the owner. We met last year when I went into Ex-pat classroom to help my friend Jennifer. He said,"It's a sign, you've showed up and we happen to need a math teacher."  So yes- I've fallen into the "it's easy to get a job in Vietnam"  category. Just waiting to work out the final details.

After lunch yesterday, we went to see Thuey at the hotel. The new receptionist introduced herself, but naturally I've already forgotten her name. We did tell her we were looking for a job because that is the number one way to get a job in Vietnam. Tell everyone you see and someone is bound to know someone that  might know someone who is looking for a teacher. However, this nice receptionist had another idea. She told Danny to call the hotel resorts because they are always looking for someone to train their employees. Maybe all those Summers spent at Oyster Harbors will pay off!

Whether we're jobless or not, we're still going to take every opportunity to enjoy fun nights with friends, afternoons on beaches, and mornings spent watching the grammys and skyping family back home!

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