Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yes, Valenteen, not Valentine. Just another difference of the language barrier to add to the list. Dan and I have had the privilege to spend Valentine’s day in what I would say is one of the most romantic places in the world, Hoi An, Vietnam. The beautiful scenery, delicious fine dining restaurants, and prices that dont break the bank boosts the famous "Lovers Day".

Oddly enough, Vietnam and most of Asia have a different view on love than western culture. Ha explained it to us like this over lunch the other day. "Love is only between me and Mr. Vang. No one else is supposed to see our love." My hands slowly fell from Dan's hip as Ha quickly added, "You- no problem, no problem." As I'm sure you've already guessed, there are no public signs of affection between men and woman in Vietnam. You're more likely to see two male friends holding hands than newlyweds.

Embracing the Vietnamese culture, our Valentine's Day was spent in secret, exchanging presents behind closed doors. A bag of $6 Doritos and flowers and chocolate- after all we ARE western! At least I didnt upload pictures to my facebook like the rest of the world (it's only because Vietnam doesnt let me on facebook)

As our attempt at Vietnamese-like romance continued throughout the day, we found ourselves departing in different directions. I was due for a $2 mani/pedi while Dan took off on his bike to ride through the beautiful scenery that surrounds us. We lasted about a full afternoon before we joined back up for a mouth watering meal at our favorite fine dining scene in the old town. I've decided that I'm glad our love doesnt have to be kept behind closed doors. Em yeu anh Danny.

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