Thursday, April 19, 2012

3 Month Mark

It has been almost a month without blogging. I have had friends, parents, and now (the last straw) grandparents asking me if I'm still alive. So here I am everyone! Alive and living well in Vietnam. Blogging has taken a back seat in the recent month. I have been focusing on my job and to tell you the truth we are really settling into Vietnam. Occurrences now aren't seen as crazy experiences like they were three months ago. It's sad to think that buffalo's in the street, neighbors in the front yard without invitation, 5 people on 1 motorbike, and my personal favorite the speakerphone fading into the background don't even make us blink an eye anymore. It's become our normal life.

We have officially been here 3 months. Tomorrow we are heading out of the country for a "Visa Run". Our Visa will expire in a few days and we're off on a little vacation to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore. I know a vacation from our vacation, but that's what I'm trying to tell you, Vietnam doesn't seem like a vacation anymore. It's transformed into our home. It just happens to be an extremely affordable place, on a beach, with beautiful weather and an amazing atmosphere. (Visitors are welcome!!!) 

I am happy to report that in the last 3 months in Hoi An, Vietnam we have rented a home, founds jobs, and the kicker.... made some friends. You've all seen my blog about our house. It's a perfect Vietnamese house. 1 (potentially 2- waiting on our visitors) bedrooms with 3 bathrooms. Yes I know, very strange, but it's perfect. As for my job, the girl that left accounting has found herself a management accounting job 3 days a week at a Gold Mining Company. After being there a month, I can honestly say that I like my job. Everyday is a challenge, but 3 days a week leaving at 5:30 on the dot, who can complain? Dan is enjoying writing and is having an article published in a traveling magazine in May! He's taking amazing pictures and writing even more amazing articles.  And now, what you're all waiting for, our new friendships.

It was like being at your first day of kindergarten- let's try and make friends. Hoi An is composed of many different types of ex pats. You've got your rich folks, living on millions, your travellers who haven't been able to step away from all the beauty Hoi An has to offer (that's where we fit in), couples with children, single travellers, couples with no children (also where we fit in) and everything in between, from all different countries. There aren't very many twentysomething's here. We have managed to meet the 5 that we know of and our personal skills were put to the test. Are we cool enough, do you think we'll like them, do we have to be friends with them just because there is no one else- the series of questions that ran through our mind. Lucky enough, they are awesome. Friend #1 is from NZ, Lawyer in London the past 6 years, and one of the funniest people I have ever met and would definitely be one of my friends at home. Friend #2 is married to Friend #3 and they are both teachers here in Hoi An, from the west coast of the US. Friend #4 is dating friend #5, they are also from NZ and have just moved here last week. They are all so much fun to be around and we had a proper night on the town in the big city Da Nang where we all spent $50 USD, stayed out until we either puked/passed out/ was the last (lone) man standing/ or had to bring your girlfriend home (Dan). We'll that's a little too much info for the grandparents... but you all get my drift. We are alive and living well in Hoi An. I encourage each of you to at least think about coming to visit. We would love to see you and would be happy for you to stay with us!

Until next time, which we all know could be a month from now, check out Danny's blog, which is updated almost daily.  It's much more interesting than my blog!!

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  1. Your blog is plenty interesting, and it's good to hear your latest. Love and best wishes...David and Chris