Monday, April 30, 2012

Visa Run=FUN!

This blog is going to be Vietnamese style. I dont know if I've ever shared with you all or not, but the Vietnamese tell it like it is. They dont hold anything back. Politeness isnt in their vocabulary.....

As the days approached for our visa run, the excitement grew. I love Vietnam, but I was ready for a change.  By the time we arrived at the airport I was really thankful we were leaving Vietnam. I needed a re-charge. I think of airports as neutral zones. Yes, it might be in Vietnam, but international rules apply. So when we arrived at the airport, it felt like we were already on vacation. Who am I kidding? The Vietnamese dont know how to wait in line, fasten their seat belts, stay in their seats, find a place to puke that's not in the middle of the jet way.... you get my drift. It was a long flight to Kuala Lumpur (KL), but as soon as we arrived we were welcomed by the golden arches and it felt like home.

KL was amazing. We decided to make our visa run somewhat of a holiday and upgraded ourselves to 5 star hotels. I think the hotel could tell we needed a holiday because when we arrived, they upgraded us to a suite. It was like heaven on earth. We set out exploring, doing one western thing after another. Eating fast food, shopping, eating fast food, sightseeing, eating fast food. I am by no means exaggerating. I think the final count was McDonalds (x3) Wendys, Subway, Dominoes, Food Court's in malls (x2).... Yes I know this is absolutely disgusting, but we couldnt help ourselves. To be fair, this is over a 5 day span.

KL was just what the doctor ordered. It's the melting pot of Asia. Picture all different types of Asians procreating and then throw a little Muslim in there and that's what it felt like. I still dont really know what a Malaysian person looks like. It was a weekend spent doing things we would never think about doing in the States (eating 3 meals a day for 5 days at fast food joints, getting Danny to spend a whole day in a shopping mall with me, splurging on 5 star hotels)

Danny knew how excited I was to be in a mall where clothes weren't made for little tiny Asians. The beauty of the melting pot is that everyone comes in all shapes and sizes. In Vietnam, you can call me Kirstie Allie. My dear Vietnamese Mom, Ha, tells me I am fat on a daily basis. She doesnt realize it's rude and she by no means is actually trying to be mean. It's just the Vietnamese way. I have grown accustom to it and actually think it's hysterical. What I dont think is hysterical is the lack of clothes for me to buy in Vietnam. So I went to town. Replaced my whole wardrobe for $50 and enjoyed every second of the sales people telling me how nice the clothes I was trying on looked.

In between splurging on clothes and food we spent a good amount of time sight seeing. KL is known as the greenest city in Asia. I was modern, clean, friendly, and most of all had the perfect mix of western flare!

After a glorious 2 days in KL we hopped the nicest coach bus we have ever been on for a short 5 hour trip to Singapore......To be continued...

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  1. Looks like you had your hair done too, Meg. Very pretty. xo dbw